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Obedience, Rally, Agility,

Field, Tracking


There is nothing more pleasing than a well behaved dog.  Whether you just want to teach your dog to come when called or train to compete for AKC titles we have members that can help you get started.  For more information on Obedience classes and where the next local Obedience Trial will be held, click here.



Rally is a fun AKC sport where the owner and dog proceed through a course of designated stations (signs) at their own pace.   Each sign has “instructions” for what the dog and handler “team” must perform.    Scoring is not as strict as in formal obedience.   For more information on Rally click here.



Agility is a fast paced course with obstacles (dog walk, teeter, A-frame), jumps, weave poles and tunnels.   If you are interested in training your dog for agility or want to know when and where the next competition will be held click here.



Field work is the basis of how the Golden Retriever breed came to be.  Whether you want to take your Golden duck hunting or train for AKC hunt tests, most Golden Retrievers love and take to this “game” with enthusiasm.   We have members that train and can put you in contact with them by clicking here.



The purpose of an AKC tracking test is for the dog to follow a scent previously laid to an article at the end of the track (usually a glove).  The AKC does award titles to dogs that complete the track in front of a judge at an official AKC tracking test.  There are several degrees and types of tracking.   If your dog spends time during his walks with his nose down dragging you after him this may be something he will excel at.   We have members that track and contacts with Search and Rescue if you wish to serve the community with your dog’s scent finding skills.   Click here for more information on Tracking.

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